Fate #2 “Unexpected, His Real Identity”

Fate (Unknown Destiny)

Fate #2

“Unexpected, His Real Identity”

Author : Evilosh_HD a.k.a @Cha_FishyHae

Genre : Fantasy, Brotherhood, Friendship.

Lenght : Chaptered.

Main Cast :

  • EXO Member

Support Cast :

  • Lee Soo Man ._.v

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Promise and Responsibility Chapter 2


Promise and Responsibility

Title : Promise and Responsibility

Author : Evilosh_HD a.k.a @Cha_FishyHae

Genre : Brotherhood, Friendship,Action.

Lenght : Chaptered.

Cast :

  • Oh Sehun as Kim Sehun.
  • Luhan as Kim Luhan.
  • Suho as Kim Suho.
  • Kai as Jung Jongin.
  • Kris as Kris Wu.
  • Chanyeol as Park Chanyeol.
  • Another EXO’s member.

Support cast:

  • Lee DongHae (Super Junior).
  • Im YoonA (Girls Generation).
  • Lee Jinki (SHINee).

Summary :

“He is the one who kill your wife seventeen years ago…”

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